My name is Amy Stringer, I am an Independent Contemporary Designer Maker originally from Brighton.

I was born in the South but grew up in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Having lived in and loved both the North and South I began to explore my love for architecture. The subtle differences in the buildings of each city I visited, throughout the country, and the difference between the inner hearts of cities and the countryside outskirts.

I moved to Sheffield in 2012 and completed a degree in Jewellery and Metalwork. I immediately fell in love with Sheffield’s inner city combination of architecture and green space, the combination I had always subconsciously been looking for, and the fact that 20 minutes out of the city centre you could be in the stunning Peak District. And from this city, came my cement obsessed collections.

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2016 -A special thanks to Olivia Steen for the photography of the ESSENTIAL collection, Amy George for the makeup and Kirsty Kirkland for modelling

2017 – Photography by Hannah Colligan and Modelling from Olivia Steen and Joseph Heaton