Architecture meets nature.

Amy Stringer brings together both common and precious materials to create bold, contemporary jewellery.

Whilst studying BA (Hons) Jewellery and Metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University, England, Amy became inspired by the city’s combination of modern, industrial architecture and large green spaces. 

Amy’s unique designs combine cement with striking metalwork. Cement is found in almost every building throughout the world’s cities, but the material is often under-appreciated and its beauty can be overlooked. Within her designs, Amy sets elements of nature such as moss and lichen in the cement, forging a connection between architecture and agriculture. Amy has three strong collections in her portfolio;

Chains, the closest to her graduate collection, is inspired by buildings during their construction and the importance of structural joints.

Brutalist, inspired by the shapes found in the Brutalist architectural movements.

What is Precious? A collection inspired by traditional jewellery, challenging our perception of what is a precious material.

Amy’s striking and modern jewellery is designed to grow with the owner, be worn and adapt to their personality and bridge the connection between the wearer and their surroundings.

Amy creates everyday wearable jewellery, as well as statement art jewellery suitable for galleries.

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