It’s the beginning of 2019, my 3rd official year in business, and its time for change!

This year I’m starting with two new challenges:

  1. @chapmanmetals brooch challenge – a challenge to create a brooch a day or a week, or in my case (and many others I know joining the challenge) a brooch a month!
  2. To start blogging – my ideas, my experiments, my experiences with the monthly brooch challenge and about all the incredible contemporary jewellery out there that truly inspires me and deserves a shout.

So this is my first post of the year, a post to introduce myself – Hi I’m Amy Stringer, I turn 25 on the 25th January, I’m currently based in Leeds and my world revolves around contemporary jewellery.

To tell you of the challenges I have set myself this year (see above)

And explain what I hope to fill this blog with – an insite into the behind the scenes of my contemporary jewellery business, following my trials and errors as I explore new techniques and processes, and revisit techniques I haven’t practised since university. To potentially take a look into jewellery trends, and styles I wish would become trends..

And to take a look into the work of some of the best (in my opinion) contemporary jewellers from around the world and the materials and techniques that they use.

A place for me to combine my two contemporary jewellery worlds (making and curation) even if it’s just for me!

Here’s to 2019 🥂