The half way point

And I’ve reached the midway point!

Six months worth of brooches by September in this completely overly ambitious project.

I don’t do things in halves, and I knew this about myself, but this project has really proved it. I wanted to push myself, try new techniques, push ideas, go down new paths, but I have been completely over ambitious so far with each months designs, considering I often only get one day a week in the studio and have to juggle orders and other work around the project.

That being said, I have so thoroughly enjoyed creating these brooches so far, trying new and practising techniques which have in hand helped to develop my skills further in my other projects. 

The materials for July and August are here, the designs are sketched, and SIERAAD Contemporary Art Fair is just 9 weeks away. (Well, I can’t base a year long project on Amsterdam, and not showcase the collection IN Amsterdam).